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I am thrilled to announce the release of my debut album “Music Mama” here to please your ears♫  An indebted thank you to Andrew Corradini for producing my collection of songs. As well as my amazing and talented friends Ben Wagner, John Yerkovich, Gabe Rosales, Max Vega, Gabriel Casas, Morgan Burrell and Daniel Blank who laid down their heart and soul in ‘The Robin Room’ studio. 

Anesha Rose has joined forces w/ The Midnight Whiskey Band♫

The Midnight Whiskey Band has a following in the Southern California area.  Our musical policy is simply to present   authentic Rock and Pop sounds using material of the great Blues, Rock and Roll and R & B artists. 

Our front line consists of guitar, vocals and harmonica (electric and acoustic) supported by a rhythm section of bass, piano and drums.

We entertain both softly for dinner music and crank it up for the dancing crowds. 

FRI   Jan   2   9:00pm-1:00am  @ Muldoons
FRI   Jan  23  7:30pm-11:30pm  @ Zona's 
Check out our video

Anesha Rose @ Marine Room Tavern

Come hang with me @ Marine Room Tavern Monday night! Where the locals have gathered in Laguna Beach for 75+years! I will be jamming from 8pm till midnight♫

Next Monday Gig:

JAN  19 
FEB  2
FEB  16 

Map for Directions: 
214 Ocean Ave, Laguna Beach